Poor Old Pluto seems to have fallen through his stand into the abyss below.... In fact the feet are one single piece of moulded plastic and it is this which has broken pulling the rest of the push puppet into the bottom of the stand.  I can repair it and make him good again..

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Photo showing Pluto's feet stuck at the bottom of the stand.
First step is to snip all the strings on Pluto and re-glue the broken feet section underneath the stand. It fits snugly and won't show from above the stand when it has been stuck..... If the stand was cracked or broken it probably would not have been worth resoring this little push puppet.
It should now be a simple job of re-stringing the puppet but both the head and end tail piece will need to be drilled and a hole made in each. This will enable a small plastic black tube to be threaded onto the two neck strings and then countersunk into the hole in neck bead piece.

The puppet has now been restrung and the string temporarily taut and held in place with toothpicks. The blue plastic clamp holds the push puppet under the right tension and leave my hands free to fix the neck and tail.
I have used glue on the tip of the toothpick and it has been "jammed" into the end of tail piece. The toothpick is then cut and a dab of glue on the end. I have drilled a small hole in the end of the tail piece bead and this is positioned over the "stump" of the toothpick.
For the neck the same procedure is used but instead the strings have been threaded through the black flexible wire and secured. The head is then glued onto the neck section making sure that his red collar is slipped onto his neck first....
All present and complete now - click on the photo to see a larger photograph of Pluto

The tail is now complete and secure.

Push Puppets - Poor Old Pluto
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